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BioCopy AG

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We revolutionize the development of next-generation cancer drug candidates.

Drug Discovery

We find the perfect match for next-generation biotherapeutics to target cancer cells with unprecedented specificity.

A novel and highly promising therapeutic approach in the fight against cancer is activating the body’s own immune cells to specifically kill cancer cells – a process known as immune oncology. The key is to directly connect an immune cell to a cancer cell.

This connection can be achieved by special biotherapeutic drugs. They bind to distinct surface structures, called markers, on both the immune cell and the cancer cell. It is crucial that the marker on the cancer cell is unique. If this marker was also present on healthy cells, it could lead to their destruction.

A key to safer, more effictive biotherapeutics lies in cancer cell markers which are hidden beneath the cell surface. They make up about 75% of all potential markers - a virtually untapped treasure trove.

We focus on drug candidates which bind to these internal markers. This allows a much more precise cancer cell binding compared to almost any other currently available cancer drugs. It also makes our drug candidates much safer, because they carry a significantly smaller risk of binding to and damaging normal cells – a substantial problem that current biotherapeutics have and which can cause severe side effects in cancer patients.

Antibody Engineering

BioCopy has revolutionized engineering of next-generation biotherapeutics with its unique end-to-end automated platform.

Next-generation biotherapeutics are highly-complex antibody-based molecules, which are developed by sophisticated biochemical processes in the laboratory. Antibodies constitute a crucial element of our body’s immune defense. Because of their complexity, biotherapeutics are notoriously difficult to engineer and bear a substantial risk of not meeting the industrial requirements for large-scale production, stable storage and ultimately the application as a commercially-viable drug. Thus far engineering efforts have been expensive and time consuming—with many biotherapeutic candidates already failing in the early developmental phase.

The BioCopy platform uniquely combines diverse functional components, so-called building blocks, into a single drug candidate at unprecedented scale and quality, thereby greatly expanding its ability to adapt to different biological environments. This way, it compares to a Swiss army knife for biotherapeutics.

Above all, our significantly-accelerated development process mimics industrial processes. As a result, we increase developmental success rates and redefine time-to-market benchmarks.