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Our magic bullet is a unique AI-powered, end-to-end automated development platform.

Precision Screening

ValidaTe significantly speeds up drug discovery and provides extensive risk assessment for further drug development.

BioCopy’s drug discovery is driven by our proprietary technology ValidaTe. It enables large-scale analysis of the interaction between a multitude of cancer cell markers and potential biotherapeutics (precision screening). This yields important early information regarding safety and efficacy of a drug candidate and performs an extensive risk assessment for further drug development. It is an essential part of the enitre drug discovery and development process.

Because ValidaTe allows large-scale analysis, evaluation and risk assessment of so many different cancer cell markers and drug candidates, it contributes significantly to our platform’s massively accelerated development of biotherapeutic drug candidates.

Automated lab

Our automated lab shortens time required for drug discovery and development of complex biotherapeutics by more than 24 months.

BioCopy’s end-to-end automated lab is a completely novel approach in optimization and development of highly complex biotherapeutics. Bot only does it provide the capacity to combine various functionally distinct components into a single drug candidate, based on a building-block method. It also analyze up to 25,000 such candidates in parallel. This yields further relevant information on parameters which are crucial in terms of efficacy, safety, chemical stability and large-scale production during the drug development process.

Above all, our automated lab mimics the industrial drug production process. Hence, requirements for large-scale commercial production are met right from the start. This contributes significantly to an accelerated time-to-market for our biotherapeutic drug candidates.

AI-based on proprietary data

BioCopy can leverage its massive amount of proprietary data in automated, AI-powered an end-to-end drug discovery and development value chain.

Our drug discovery and development platform generates large amounts of proprietary data on drug candidate design. We store this information in so called data farms. Since we have data sovereignty, the data is of unprecedented quantity and quality.

We leverage this unique advantage by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into our platform, harnessing it’s tremendous power for the predictive design of next-generation biotherapeutics.