BioCopy changes the game of fighting cancer.

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Cancer Drugs - fast, effective, safe

We are breaking new ground in finding cures for cancer with our AI-driven platform.

Cancer touches all of our lives with profound impact.

Promises of cures are shattered time and again, as cancer always seems to stay a step ahead.

This is because Cancer has many faces and makes itself invisible to our immune system.

The complexity and variety of cancerous cells poses the biggest challenge.

It’s time to shift the narrative from despair to hope.

BioCopy heralds a revolution in drug discovery and development.

Our new approach redefines time-to-market benchmarks.

Streamlining Drug Discovery and Development

Our platform combines AI-driven workflows with real biological data in a closed-loop feedback system.

The process starts by selecting a signature target molecule found on the cell surface of a particular cancer variant.

Predictive AI

Our AI is trained with our proprietary biological database to identify target-specific antibody candidates.

Automated Laboratory

These candidates are tested in our ultra-high-throughput laboratory. Data sets can be scaled up from 500 to 25,000 data sets per hour.

Antibody Engineering

Best-fit candidates are selected for further optimization.

Proprietary Database

Our unique knowledge database continuously grows with accumulation of real biological data.

This in turn feeds our AI so that we are able to discover and develop optimized candidates ever faster.

Parallel Efficiency

All platform components work simultaneously for accelerated progress.

Perfect Match

In the first phase, ideally binding antibodies are isolated. This means that they bind to cancer cells but not healthy cells.

From Molecule to Drug

In the second phase, selected antibodies are modified to become new cancer-killing drugs – already vetted for efficacy and safety.

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New Cancer Cures at Our Fingertips

BioCopy accelerates the time from molecule to drug from a decade long marathon to a fast sprint. Our drug candidates carry minimal risks and promise maximized success rates.

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BioCopy changes the game of fighting cancer.

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